Property Management in Oklahoma

Your Oklahoma property is a valuable investment, and at Oklahoma Red Door Property Management, we're here to help you get the most out of it. Maximize your ROI with personal, professional property management services designed to take care of you and your tenants.

At OK Red Door Property Management, we see property management as a partnership among all parties involved—you, us, and your tenants. That's why we work hard to provide the resources and support necessary to keep your tenants happy and your property profitable.

Time is Money…


Every day your property stands empty is money lost, but rushing to fill a vacancy with the wrong tenant can be disastrous in the long run. We have the time that you don't to find—and keep—the perfect occupant with:

  • Extensive tenant screening, including landlord, employment, credit, and criminal background checks and screenings
  • Rental agreements, lease preparations, signing, and renewals
  • Conflict resolution, including HOA regulation and rule enforcement for non-compliant tenants
  • Lease management, including lease expirations, dispute resolution, and eviction enforcement if necessary
  • Maintenance response time within 24 hours, including 24/7 emergency services

We also make it fast and easy for you to track your property's financial information. With innovative new technologies and upgraded management systems, Oklahoma Red Door can keep time-sensitive information like vacancies, leasing, and financial reports available and accessible anytime you need it via our online owner portal. Set up secure online payments for maintenance, renovations, or owner contributions instantly and safely, and streamline your communication with us through notifications, email, and messaging, all possible directly from your phone. You can be confident that your account is always up to date and statements are released in a timely manner.

And Every Dollar Counts.

You purchased a property for a reason—to realize a return. At Oklahoma Red Door, we deliver exceptional service to you and your tenants without cutting corners or incurring excessive costs. We keep fees and expenses low so you can enjoy management support that is both affordable and above-average, and we work hard to ensure you receive appropriate rent and convenient rates for vendor services, all without any hidden charges.

Protect the predictability of your investment dollar and stretch it further with:

  • Online, automated rent and security deposit collection, with the option to receive your monthly net income by check or electronic transfer
  • Complete visibility of all property-related income and expenses, including monthly cash flow statements, via the owner portal
  • Professional inspections, cleanings, and maintenance—including move-in and move-out inspections and procedures—to keep your property looking and feeling new to every tenant, encouraging tenant retention and extending the life of your property
  • Regulatory inspections, including fire & safety and Section 8, to ensure your property stays compliant and up to code, protecting you from incurring fines or fees

Needing Property Management Services?

OK Red Door is here to help.

Oklahoma Red Door Property Management: What it Means to be Local

At Oklahoma Red Door, we're hands-on with your property even if you can't be. Whether you live down the street or across the country, you'll experience the same level of transparency, proactiveness, and commitment to service including:

  • Timely accounting reports
  • Daily updates via text or email
  • Alerts to changes in your property's status
  • New opportunities to expand your portfolio
  • Instant communication with messaging options
  • In-person property monitoring
  • In-depth knowledge of local compliance & regulations to ensure your property remains up to code
  • Guided property tours

Being local also means knowing the market. Why just market a property when you can market it to the right people? Because we live and work here, we're intimately familiar with the nuances of local real estate and have the connections with real estate professionals, brokers, and other property managers necessary to stay not just on trends but ahead of them. We also routinely conduct in-depth market analysis to find out what local occupants are looking for and target our advertising toward the prospective tenants who should be seeing your property. Most importantly, we know our community and our community knows us as fair, honest, and trustworthy partners who care for the neighborhoods we serve.

We also have established relationships with a robust network of local, proven, and reliable vendors and contractors for the maintenance, repairs, renovations, and legal requirements your investment property demands to stay profitable. Our local connections benefit both you and your tenants since we can respond quickly and in-person to maintenance or property management issues and we can catch red flags—like poor property conditions or tenant concerns—before they become bigger problems.

Professional Property Management Services in Oklahoma with Oklahoma Red Door

Ranked one of the 50 best cities for renters by WalletHub, Oklahoma City is experiencing some of its biggest growth in decades, thanks to a burgeoning metropolitan area, an influx of students to the myriad colleges and universities in the area, and the draw of employees to highly diversified industries. This growing population means a growing pool of tenants for you and a rental market that's enjoying steady rental rates and low vacancies.

At Oklahoma Red Door, we've been managing properties in Oklahoma's capital city for more than 20 years, and we know what it takes to make your property thrive. If you are a property owner in Oklahoma City, find out how Oklahoma Red Door can help you get the most out of your investment property.

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