Property Management in Moore

At Oklahoma Red Door Management, we know successful property management is all about taking care of you, your tenants, and your property, and we work hard to provide you with the resources and support you need to keep your property profitable and your tenants satisfied.

Tenant Services You Can Trust


You invested in rental property to realize a return, and any day your property is unoccupied is money lost. You're already short on time, but rushing to fill a vacancy with the wrong tenant can add up to big problems in the future. At Oklahoma Red Door, we have the time, experience, and contacts it takes to find and keep the perfect occupants for your property. We help with:

  • Thorough tenant screenings, including credit, criminal background, landlord, and employment checks and screenings
  • Lease preparations, rental agreements, signings, and renewals
  • Lease management, including dispute resolution, lease expirations, and eviction enforcement
  • Conflict resolution, including HOA regulation and rule enforcement for non-compliant tenants
  • Property maintenance services, including response times within 24 hours and 24/7 emergency services
  • Guided property tours
  • Online automated rent and security deposit collection
  • Weatherization services when the seasons change, to keep your property safe, comfortable, and prepared
  • In-person opportunities for communication, maintenance requests, and conflict resolution
  • Professional & trusted vendors for repairs when necessary and upgrades or renovations when appropriate
  • Online submission options for maintenance or service requests

Oklahoma Red Door is local to Moore, so we know the important role reputable property management plays in serving our communities. We don't look to put just any tenant in your property—we look to put the right ones in. Because we live and work here, we understand the local market and have the connections with real estate professionals, brokers, and other property managers to keep your property competitive and get it in front of the prospective tenants who should be seeing it. Most importantly, we work hard to maintain our reputation as fair, honest, and trustworthy partners who care for our neighborhoods.

Needing Property Management Services?

Do you need help managing your rental property in Moore? We offer (3) different plans to suit your needs and offer complete transparency.

Transparent Account Management

Whether you live across the country or across the street, you should have complete visibility of your investment whenever and wherever you need it. With Oklahoma Red Door's owner portal, you have access to time-sensitive information like vacancies, leasing, and financial reports, all of which are always up to date and released in a timely manner, as well as full visibility of all property-related income and expenses, including monthly cash flow statements. You'll also be alerted to changes in your property's status, new opportunities to expand your portfolio, and requests for service or upgrades.

With an upgraded management system and innovative technologies, Oklahoma Red Door puts decisions about your rental property at your fingertips, no matter where you are. Set up secure online payments for renovations, maintenance, or owner contributions, and streamline your communication with us through messaging, email, and text, all possible directly from your phone. You can even opt to receive your monthly net income by check or electronic transfer.

OK Red Door Welcome

Reliable Property Maintenance

A well-maintained property keeps tenants happy and extends the life of your investment. At Oklahoma Red Door, we deliver the exceptional maintenance services you and your tenants deserve, without cutting corners or incurring excessive costs. Thanks to established relationships with a robust network of local, proven, and reliable vendors, we can keep fees and expenses low for support that is affordable and above-average, preserving rent rates for your tenants and protecting you from surprise charges. Our local connections also provide the benefit of quick, in-person responses to maintenance concerns, so we can catch potential issues—like damage or declining property conditions—before they become bigger, more expensive problems.

Our property maintenance services also include:

  • Professional inspections and cleanings, including move-in and move-out inspection procedures, keeping your property looking and feeling new to every tenant
  • Regulatory inspections, including fire & safety and Section 8, so your property stays compliant and up to code with local ordinances
  • In-person property monitoring
  • A trusted team for the maintenance, repairs, renovations, and legal requirements your investment property needs to stay profitable

Local Property Management Services in Moore

Moore is the ideal market for rental properties, boasting plenty to offer in shopping, jobs, restaurants, and activities; a diverse tenant pool of young professionals and families; easy access to I-35; and an enviable position right in the middle of Norman and OKC. All of this lends itself to steady rental rates, low vacancies, and a prevalence toward long-term renters.

At Oklahoma Red Door, we've been managing properties in Moore for more than 20 years, adapting and perfecting our services as the city continues to grow, so we know exactly what it takes to make your property thrive. If you own a rental property in Moore, find out how we can help you manage your property and maximize your return.