Property Management Services in Edmond

A growing community at the northern edge of Oklahoma City, Edmond is the perfect place to invest in rental property, and Oklahoma Red Door is the perfect local company to help you manage it. Our property management services are designed to take care of you, your property, and your tenants so your profits stay healthy and your renters stay happy.

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Do you need help managing your property? We offer (3) different plans to suit your needs and offer complete transparency.

Local Management Services You Can Trust

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At Oklahoma Red Door, being local means more than just being close by—it means providing the personal, attentive, and professional services you and your tenants deserve. Innovative technologies, an upgraded management system, and user-friendly online portals help streamline communication, payments, and reporting for unparalleled transparency and timeliness. Both owners and renters can set up secure online payments for rent or owner contributions, while everything from service requests to changes in property's status can be sent via text or email.

We also leverage our network of local, reliable vendors to provide exceptional maintenance support that is both affordable and above-average. We've worked hard to establish professional partnerships so we can ensure appropriate rent and convenient vendor rates for you and your tenants, all without cutting corners, incurring excessive costs, or adding hidden fees.

Whether you live across the street or across the country, Oklahoma Red Door can be hands-on with your property, even if you can't. We value the communities we serve and strive to build a reputation of trust and confidence within our neighborhoods.

Tenants benefit from:

  • Maintenance response times within 24 hours, including 24/7 emergency services
  • Online submission for maintenance requests
  • Professional repairs when necessary and upgrades or renovations when appropriate
  • Weatherization services with changing seasons
  • Guided property tours
  • In-person opportunities for communication, conflict resolution, and maintenance requests
  • Detailed rental agreements to help them avoid fines, fees, and extra costs
  • Option for online and automatic rent payment

Property owners are protected by:

  • Complete & timely visibility of all property-related income and expenses via our exclusive online portal, including monthly cash flow statements
  • Online, automated rent and security deposit collection, with the option to receive your monthly net income by check or electronic transfer
  • Lease management, including dispute resolution, regulation enforcement, expirations, and eviction enforcement as necessary
  • Rental agreements & lease preparation services, including tailored leases with co-signers; clauses for noise, max occupancy, and damage; and short leases
  • Timely accounting reports, regular updates, and notifications on new opportunities to expand your portfolio
  • Extensive tenant screening, including background, credit, and employment checks
  • Customized utility agreements to avoid high utility bills

Property stays pristine with:

  • Professional inspections, cleanings, and maintenance, including move-in and move-out inspections and procedures, so your property looks and feels new to every tenant
  • Regulatory inspections, including fire & safety and Section 8, to ensure your property stays compliant and up-to-code with local ordinances
  • In-person property monitoring

Oklahoma Red Door Property Management: Industry Expertise with a Local Touch

Thanks to a vibrant college community from the University of Central Oklahoma and a steady stream of families and young professionals from the Oklahoma City area, the rental market in Edmond has enjoyed a 30% increase within the last several years, and demand continues to grow. Despite frequent tenant turnover, competitive rent prices, a large and diverse tenant pool, and steady property appreciation have created a stable renting environment, while vacancy rates remain low, ensuring a quick turnaround for properties.

Oklahoma Red Door has been managing Edmond rental properties for more than 20 years, and we know what it takes to elevate your investment. Find out why more Edmond property owners trust Oklahoma Red Door to protect their revenues and their renters.