In Property Management, Trust Matters

The Oklahoma Red Door Property Management (ORDM) team is proud to work with your local property and help handle any challenges that arise. We understand how important it is for you, as a landlord, to have someone who knows the market intimately, but also has expertise on their side when dealing with whatever comes your way.


Since 1999

We’ve been in property management since 1999. We’re a division of Hoppis Real Estate Services, but we switched to the “Red Door” name in 2016 because this more accurately reflected our values when it comes to property management.

Not only do we have the experience and expertise, but the red door is the universal symbol of trust, luck, refuge, protection, and positive energy. The symbol of the red door aligns with the kind of care we deliver to both our tenants and clients.

When you want a team you can trust that truly cares about your property and tenants, just picture the Red Door symbol and call our highly-trained experts that will give you peace-of-mind no matter what!

We Wanted to Create a Partnership that Home Owners Could Trust

When you work with ORDM, you’ll enjoy the system we’ve established and perfected over the years for those who have a property and want to maximize their ROI. ORDM understands the importance of keeping their Owners informed, so they provide timely accounting reports as well as daily communication with owners through technology such as text messaging or email. We know what it takes to maintain your portfolio’s profitability!

This is why our services are based around providing owners with an abundance of timely reports which will keep them informed at all times so they can make smart decisions for a successful property investment strategy.

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We provide excellent property management services to tenants

We want to make a difference in your life by providing you exactly what you need: an affordable, high-quality place to rent. And our goal is that when you rent a property from us, you’ll always want to stay!

We pride ourselves in providing a safe place for you to call home and taking care of the property so you’ll always be proud where you hang your hat at the end of the day. And if you ever have any maintenance issues, our friendly staff will be ready to help with any repairs.

Our team helps manage properties throughout Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. If you’re looking for a place to rent, please give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for.

Oklahoma Red Door Property Management: What it Means to be Local

At Oklahoma Red Door, we're hands-on with your property even if you can't be. Whether you live down the street or across the country, you'll experience the same level of transparency, proactiveness, and commitment to service including:

      • Timely accounting reports
      • Daily updates via text or email
      • Alerts to changes in your property's status
      • New opportunities to expand your portfolio
      • Instant communication with messaging options
      • In-person property monitoring
      • In-depth knowledge of local compliance & regulations to ensure your property remains up to code
      • Guided property tours

Being local also means knowing the market. Why just market a property when you can market it to the right people? Because we live and work here, we're intimately familiar with the nuances of local real estate and have the connections with real estate professionals, brokers, and other property managers necessary to stay not just on trends but ahead of them. We also routinely conduct in-depth market analysis to find out what local occupants are looking for and target our advertising toward the prospective tenants who should be seeing your property. Most importantly, we know our community and our community knows us as fair, honest, and trustworthy partners who care for the neighborhoods we serve. Some of the local areas we serve include:

We also have established relationships with a robust network of local, proven, and reliable vendors and contractors for the maintenance, repairs, renovations, and legal requirements your investment property demands to stay profitable. Our local connections benefit both you and your tenants since we can respond quickly and in-person to maintenance or property management issues and we can catch red flags—like poor property conditions or tenant concerns—before they become bigger problems.

How Oklahoma Red Door Property Management Stacks Up

Oklahoma Red Door Property Management Average Competitors*
Pays Owners late fees
Retains late fees as additional profit
Pays Owners on prepaid rents in same month as received
(if cleared bank)
Holds Owners prepaid rents until the month that rent is charged
Pays Owners their pet fees
Retains pet fees as additional income
Leasing warranty on non-apartments
No leasing warranty
Offers Owners private bank accounts
Does not offer Owners private bank account
Not available unless Owner wants to pay cost plus
Retains late fees as additional profit
Pays Owners month-to-month fees as income
Retains month-to-month fees as additional profit
Provides Owners will detailed accounting plus copies
of actual receipts
Provides detailed account but does not provide receipts without
additional cost
Transparent in all charges
Creates mgmt company invoices for contracted labor with padded
overhead cost
Low ‘minimum’ management fee
Higher ‘minimum’ on management fee by 3x

*Competitor names can be provided upon request