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When it comes to property management, not all companies are alike. While it may be tempting to go with a larger, national property management company, thinking they have more experience — often to them, you are little more than a number. As a local, Oklahoma City property management company who has served the community for more than 20 years, Oklahoma Red Door Property Management understands the unique needs here in the Oklahoma City metro area, and we value your business.

We have extensive knowledge of Oklahoma property management laws and know where to find the resources and contacts required for any issues should they arise. We also have local knowledge of Oklahoma weather conditions so we can anticipate and prepare for local weather incidents before they happen. As local Oklahomans ourselves, we pride ourselves on being part of this great community and helping it grow.

Houses for Rent in the OKC Metro

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Property Management Services for Property Owners

Do you need help managing your property? We offer (3) different plans to suit your needs and offer complete transparency.

Featured Homes for Rent

Image of 11825 SW 17th  Street



11825 SW 17th Street Yukon, OK 73009

3 Beds | 3.0 Baths
Available: September 26, 2023
Image of 4502 Hawk Owl Dr



4502 Hawk Owl Dr Norman, OK 73072

3 Beds | 2.0 Baths
Available: September 15, 2023
Image of 4507 Hawk Owl Dr



4507 Hawk Owl Dr Norman, OK 73072

3 Beds | 2.0 Baths
Available: August 24, 2023
Image of 1012 NW 30th Court



1012 NW 30th Court Moore, OK 73160

3 Beds | 2.0 Baths
Available: October 2, 2023
Image of 408 Foster Pl


408 Foster

408 Foster Pl Midwest City, OK 73110

Studio Beds | 0 Baths
Available: July 28, 2023
Image of 4221 Del Rd



4221 Del Rd Del City, OK 73115

3 Beds | 2.0 Baths
Available: September 20, 0223
Image of 1452 SW 64th



1452 SW 64th Oklahoma City, OK 73159

4 Beds | 1.5 Baths
Available: October 5, 2023
Image of 2122 Beaumont Dr # 1


2122 #1

2122 Beaumont Dr # 1 Norman, OK 73071

3 Beds | 2.0 Baths
Available: August 3, 2023
Image of 10400 N. Council Rd #110



10400 N. Council Rd #110 Oklahoma City, OK 73162

2 Beds | 2.0 Baths
Available: September 28, 2023
Image of 8400 NW 10th St # 38


8300 38

8400 NW 10th St # 38 Oklahoma City, OK 73127

3 Beds | 1.5 Baths
Available: October 2, 2023
Image of 728 Briarwood Dr


728 Br

728 Briarwood Dr Midwest City, OK 73110

3 Beds | 1.0 Baths
Available: August 2, 2023
Image of 2604 SW 38th



2604 SW 38th Oklahoma City, OK 73119

3 Beds | 1.0 Baths
Available: September 13, 2023
Image of 3152 SW 40th


3152 40

3152 SW 40th Oklahoma City, OK 73119

3 Beds | 1.0 Baths
Available: October 2, 2023
Image of 2301 Mustang Street



2301 Mustang Street Del City, OK 73115

3 Beds | 1.5 Baths
Available: August 22, 2023
Image of 2417 SW 34th St #A



2417 SW 34th St #A Oklahoma City, OK 73119

2 Beds | 1.0 Baths
Available: September 6, 2023
Image of 4616 SE 20th St



4616 SE 20th St Del City, OK 73115

2 Beds | 1.0 Baths
Available: September 17, 2023
Image of 3917 Del Road



3917 Del Road Del City, OK 73115

2 Beds | 1.0 Baths
Available: October 3, 2023
Image of 1229 SW 24th St



1229 SW 24th St Oklahoma City, OK 73109

2 Beds | 1.0 Baths
Available: September 25, 2023
Image of 2930 SW 40th St.



2930 SW 40th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73119

2 Beds | 1.0 Baths
Available: September 7, 2023
Image of 14331 N. Pennsylvania Ave. #32A



14331 N. Pennsylvania Ave. #32A Oklahoma City, OK 73134

1 Beds | 1.0 Baths
Available: September 12, 2023

Happy Customers

Who We Are

Oklahoma Red Door Property Management is a division of Hoppis Real Estate Services. You’ve known us since 1999, but we switched to the “Red Door” name in 2016.

That’s because no matter where you come from or what you believe, across different religions and cultures the symbol of a red door aligns with the kind of care we provide our tenants and clients. Standing the test of time, the red door even dates back to the Old Testament.

When it comes to delivering the best and most trustworthy property management services in Oklahoma, we chose a red door because it embodies:



In Exodus 12 of the Bible, God saved Hebrew slaves that followed instructions to smear the blood of a lamb on their doors to protect their first born children from death. In old Catholicism, churches would also paint church doors red to represent the blood of Christ and once you walk through the door, you would be protected from evil.



In early American days, a home with a red door meant any travelers were welcome to stay the night.



Along with welcoming tired travelers, a home with a red door represents refuge and safety. When someone would see a red door, it was a sign that home would not only be welcoming, but also safe.

Good Luck

Good Luck

The color red represents happiness, love, passion, and good luck. Dating back to ancient Chinese times, red is believed to bring luck, hope, and vitality.



In Feng Shui, a red door is known to create a welcoming energy and invites opportunity and an abundance of positivity. That makes it the perfect color to bring positive energy to our tenants and clients.

What Makes Oklahoma Red Door Property Management Different

As a local Oklahoma property management company, we understand the unique needs of your property, from Oklahoma weather incidents to local laws.

Oklahoma Red Door Property Management has 23 years experience in serving the Oklahoma City metro's property management needs. We are a tried and trusted, full-service property management company with a focus on providing property management services and delivering excellent customer service.

  • Locally owned and operated in Oklahoma for over 20 years
  • In-depth knowledge of local Oklahoma property laws
  • Transparent and reliable accounting
  • 24/7 owner online access to records
  • Low vacancy
  • Quick lease out
  • Affordable maintenance
OK Red Door Property Management
OK Red Door Accounting

24/7 Access & Accounting

At Oklahoma Red Door Property Management, we believe in accountability and transparency. That’s why all of our owners have access to a 24/7 online portal with real time information about daily operations.

As a property owner, we know it’s important to you to get the most out of your money. Many OKC property management companies will double charge you or keep fees they’re making off tenants, meaning you could be losing out on income without ever realizing it. 90% of property management companies, including all national brands, retain late fees they receive from customers. In a traditional property management company, this is counted as “additional income” for the property management company — not for you.

At Oklahoma Red Door Property Management, we offer reliable, transparent accounting. Property owners can view a multitude of reports, review service issues - both closed and open, see copies of bills as they are received, and review notes and files. This provides a transparent accounting of your property, and Oklahoma Red Door Property Management is always here to answer any questions. We pass on late fees directly to you and offer clear, detailed accounting records for you to keep and view 24/7. We never charge Owners Doc Prep fees, charges for ach bill paid, lease renewal fees, or online access charges.

Maintenance Made Simple

No matter how prepared we are, we know that incidents can arise — which is why we have a staff of in-house maintenance technicians on hand to help. Our staff is highly trained in a broad range of areas and services, so we can fix anything from plumbing, lighting and electrical, carpentry, grounds issues, and more. By keeping our team in-house, we’re able to pass on the savings directly to owners from not outsourcing our maintenance, keeping more money in your pocket. Oklahoma Red Door Management offers a simple three-tiered maintenance plan, so you can select the plan that works best for your needs.

We are always looking for ways to pass on savings to owners, which is why we pride ourselves on never charging owners marked up overhead for materials. What you pay will be the true invoiced amount, and we even include a copy of invoices in every financial packet. Transparency is important to us, especially when it comes to accounting. To us, trust isn’t a given — it’s earned, and we strive to uphold that ideal.

OK Red Door Maintenance
OK Red Door Welcome

Choose Oklahoma Red Door Property Management

Local, Transparent & Reliable. At Oklahoma Red Door Management, those aren’t just words — they’re the standards we hold ourselves to. Whether you’re looking

for a local Oklahoma City metro area property management company who can do it all — handle maintenance, accounting, tenant calls, and more — or a potential renter looking for a new place to call home, we are here for you.

You can put your trust in our systems and process developed over 20+ years, with input from other property owners and renters just like you.

Ready to experience the difference of Oklahoma Red Door Management?