About Us

Established in 1999 and rebranded in 2016, we came to realize the largest complaint that Property Owners and Investors have pertaining to their previous management system was lack of information, minimal communication and timeliness on accounting of funds.  We at ORDM have based our management services on just the opposite… We understand the importance of keeping the Owners informed and thanks to today’s technology, we even guarantee that your accounting reports go out on time or your management fee is waived for that month!

We pride ourselves on our in-house affordable maintenance technicians which save you money.  As outlined in the attached booklet, our maintenance fees are below those of our competitors and there is no upcharge or handling fee for material purchases.

24 hour emergency maintenance & phone service X X
Accounting and invoice processing X X
Arranging property maintenance and repairs in accordance with clients special instructions X
Bid management on repairs exceeding $1500.00 by more than two (2) insured vendors (depending on contract) X X
Monthly financial statements (Out by 15th each month with guarantee) X X
Multiple detailed financial report types available X X
Collection of rental payments, Timely tenant collection notices & policies (in accordance with Statutes) X X X
Comprehensive lease agreement preparation and execution X X
Copies of all property expense receipts X X
Eviction service X X*
“Featured Property” marketing X
Forecasting and budgeting X
Liaison between Landlord and Tenant X X
Maintenance of advanced management software X X
Marketing the property for lease X X
Annual building inspections by management (digital photos provided) X
Quarterly exterior inspections by management X
Registered banking/trust accounts with Oklahoma Real Estate Commission X X
Privately held bank account in Owners name X
Preparation of particulars of property and rental valuation X
Preventative maintenance program X
Private online owner access to management software for ‘real time’ accounting information X
Reduced leasing fee X X
Leasing 12 month warranty X
Rent reviews and tenancy renewals with supported increases (if applicable) at no additional charge X X
Resident website portal & online access X X
Screening and verifying all reference on all prospective tenants (w/credit report (C) or without (NC) C NC
Supervising of all daily activities related to management of property by a Licensed Real Estate Broker X X
Supervision of tenant’s compliance with tenancy agreements X X
Advanced (A) or Basic (B) tenant relations A B
Collection of first months rental in advance & security deposit X X
On-demand collection reports X
Work order/maintenance log X X


Premium Rate(s):
Single Family – 4 units: 10% of gross intake (income only)
Multifamily from 4 -10 units: 8% of gross intake (income only)
Multifamily 11-50 units: 7% of gross intake (income only)
Multifamily 51+ units: 6% of gross intake (income only)
Multifamily 150+ units Negotiable
Basic Rate(s):
Single Family: 8% of gross intake (income only)
Multifamily up to 20 units: 7% of gross intake (income only)
Multifamily 21-150 units: 6% of gross intake (income only)
Multifamily 151+ units: Negotiable
Minimum Rate:
Single Family – 5 units only: 5% of gross intake (income only)
Additional Services/Rates:
Eviction fees (Broker): $50.00 (not including filing fees, etc…)
Maintenance Fees: $21.00/hour ($30.00 minimum) plus materials
Leasing Fees:
With management agreement: ½ first months rent
Without management agreement: Compensation equal to first months rent
Multifamily (over 10 units) $100.00/flat (no warranty)
Detailed Inspection Reporting $50.00 – $125.00 per unit
Drive By Inspection Reporting $25.00 per building