For Rent in Oklahoma city and surrounding area. Oklahoma Red Door Property Management in Central Oklahoma City

Thank you for considering the property management services of Oklahoma Red Door Management (ORDM), a division of Hoppis Real Estate Services.  We are proud of the accomplishments that we have made in Property Management and look forward to possibility of adding your property to our inventory.  It is our hope that you will find in the 3 different management plans offered one to fit your desired level of service and costs related.

Established in 1999 and rebranded in 2016, we came to realize the largest complaint that Property Owners and Investors have pertaining to their previous management system was lack of information, minimal communication and timeliness on accounting of funds.  We at ORDM have based our management services on just the opposite… We understand the importance of keeping the Owners informed and thanks to today’s technology, we even guarantee that your accounting reports go out on time or your management fee is waived for that month!

Why ‘Red Door’?  Because it has stood the test of time as a historical reference dating back as far as the Old Testament.  Because TRUST MATTERS.  Red Doors have stood for and continues to embody: Oklahoma Red Door Property Management in Central Oklahoma City

  • PROTECTION: Exodus 12
  • WELCOME: Symbol of a safe place to rest
  • REFUGE: Guide to a place of refuge and safety
  • GOOD LUCK: Lucky color
  • ENERGY: Feng Shui induces positive energy and invites opportunity and abundance

For more information on Oklahoma Red Door Management please select the ‘About Us’ tab or call us direct at 405-677-9116 ext 1.